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Real Estate Investment Tips

There are many challenges faced by oversea investors across the globe when it comes to real estate and properties, but there is also an equal amount of profit and a great margin of security as well if you handle things right. The following tips will give you more ideas you can use to make your […]

Building on Barcelona’s heritage

  Why every construction project needs a skip hire broker you can rely on. Most families take a break in the Catalan capital of Barcelona to soak in the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, Las Ramblas or even the city’s golden beaches. Not the Jones family. Mr and Mrs Jones – together with 10-year-old Josh and […]

Buying Real Estate Overseas

When you want to venture in moving house overseas, you will need quite the patience for all the planning to come. For one, unless you are type of person who can afford to travel about a lot without it hurting your work or bank account, you will definitely need some sort of representative who can […]

What to Look for When Buying Overseas

You want to invest overseas. Whether you want a holiday house for yourself or you are planning to move there sometime in the future, or maybe you want to buy property so that you can rent it and get some passive income, this will take some time, patience, and research. Luckily, now you have the […]

Moving Back to Your Investment Property

Sometimes people venture in investing. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it does not. What you need to know is when to call it quits before your endeavour bankrupts you. There is no shame in a failed project like moving out from your home in order to invest in it and rent it out. With today’s […]

East London on the Rise

Shoreditch is on the cusp of a real change, just ask estate agent in Shoreditch, Peach Properties who know all about this up and coming area. The area of Bishopsgate is set for a serious redevelopment programme that will have an impact on the whole neighbourhood.  Last week, a scheme went to the city planners […]

London gets train link to Marseille

We have long grown used to the Eurotunnel and all the convenience it has brought us over the last 20 years.  But now an exciting new way to get from London to the south of France has opened up allowing you to breakfast in London and six hours later be dining in Marseille St-Charles. Eurostar […]

Why it could be the perfect time to snap up a property in Spain

Spain is a popular holiday destination and many a Brit dreams of retiring there in later years. Celebrated for its amazing food, wine and lifestyle, the country has the fourth highest life expectancy in the world. However, it seems as if it’s a pretty good option for international property investors too. Best Gapp, an estate […]

Tidal power scheme to be unveiled in 2015 budget

Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled an ambitious and expensive plan to build the world’s first tidal lagoon to generate green energy. The government’s announced that it’s entering formal negotiations on funding a £1bn project to produce electricity from turbines in Swansea Bay in south Wales. The move came amid controversial measures to reduce taxes for […]

What are these new tax laws?

If you’re an international investor, Lawsons and Daughters an estate agents in Hammersmith mentioned it’s vital to keep across taxation developments so you know what to do with your property portfolio. Last year the UK introduced Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for overseas investors, bringing taxation rates in line with property owners in the UK. This […]