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Category: Property news

El Gouna shines as Egyptian holiday hotspot

Despite the global downturn, it seems that Egypt remains one of the most sought-after holiday destinations with a 13% increase in the number of British visitors according to the latest data from the ONS’s International Passenger Survey.

Comparing British passenger numbers to the same time last year, the UK Office for National Statistics revealed substantial growth in the number of all-inclusive holidays to Egypt booked by Britons.

Why I’m tempted by Turkey

A huge land of stunning coastlines, rich ancient culture and vibrant traditions, Turkey is a fast-changing nation that still offers bags of potential.

On the far Eastern fringes of Europe – and one day no doubt a member of the EU – this nation is a fascinating fusion of East and West, alien enough to be slightly exotic, yet familiar enough to be accessible.

Demand for Red Sea property rises as dive tourism up 6%

Red Sea coast of Egypt is receieving a boom in interest as dive tourism has been identified by the UNWTO as one of the fastest growing tourism sectors and in turn demand for homes in this diving mecca is growing.

New French magazine offers expert advice on French leasebacks

In response to demand for expert advcie on buying French leaseback property, Focus on France, a new 32 page magazine has been launched.

Istanbul Property Investment – Top Choice?

Turkey investment property is still right at the top of investors’ wish lists in 2010 as up-to-date data from the Real Estate Investing Partners Association (GYODER) reveals a 6 percent growth in the sector in Q4 2009.

Due to the availability of up to 70% finance, The Hampton’s development, situated on Istanbul’s European side is experiencing significant investor demand. These luxury studio units boasting sea and city views offer an attractive 7.5% guaranteed rental for two years and with finance can be invested in with as little investment as £13,500.

Egypt bucks global trend as 29% increase in tourism recorded

The traditionally popular holiday destination of Egypt is going against the declining global tourism trend by seeing a 29% increase in tourist arrivals and 24% increase in tourism revenue in Q1 2010. Also the Egyptian government also plans to increase spending by 11.2 billion Egyptian pounds ($2 billion) to support the economy, with most of the funds to be spent on infrastructure projects. Excellent new for Egypt property investors.

10 Tips When Buying an Overseas Property – Make The Right Choice!

10 Rhymes & Reasons to Help you make the Right Choice!
There are plenty of other motives to invest in an overseas property. Each destination and country has its own setting and unique tourism attractions that you can benefit from in different ways.

Golden Triangle set to receive economic boost

The affluent Golden Triangle area is set to receive a much welcomed economic boost in 2010 as the green light is given to commence construction at Flaxby

Airport upgrade improves accessibility to Boracay Island

The prestigious San Miguel Corporation, with a track record of investing in the finest global locations, is to purchase a majority share in the modernisation of Caticlan airport.

Sun, Sea and Ski? Italy’s secret ski resort revealed

Drive just 90 minutes inland and you will be transported to the Sila Mountains, a rugged plateau in the heart of the Calabrian region and home to Italy’s secret ski resort.