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Category: buying overseas

Britons Appetite for Spanish Homes Slows on Brexit

Britons are the most prolific foreign buyers of Spanish properties. However, since the vote for Brexit, there has been a lot of talk and worry about how it has and will continue to affect various aspects of the British economy, including the property market. “While the early signs have been that the broader UK economy […]

Benefits of Buying Real Estate Overseas

Buying a piece of property in another country is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio, but there is more than that. Real estate investment doesn’t work the same way as stock investments, since you cannot simply buy a rental condo or beachfront and then expect the value to increase on its own. Such […]

Buying Real Estate Overseas

When you want to venture in moving house overseas, you will need quite the patience for all the planning to come. For one, unless you are type of person who can afford to travel about a lot without it hurting your work or bank account, you will definitely need some sort of representative who can […]