• Moving tips to make moving to The Hague easier and less stressful

    The moving horrors people have been faced with is quite shocking. Endless people have had huge problems with moving. Most of the time, this is because they have not had the time to move due to work and other chores, and then, in the end, the process of moving gets rushed and you end up […]

  • Tips for Selling Properties Abroad

    Even though the real estate market we have today may not exactly be the friendliest and most stable place, but you really don’t need to worry about it being too hard if you know what you’re doing. Although there are challenges abound, you can still handle selling your property abroad with a bit of preparation […]

  • Tips for Safe Buying of Property Overseas

    Buying a property is no small task, this much you already know. There is a lot at stake as there is always some risk involved. This is especially true when you are buying property overseas. A lot has to be considered when it comes to such purchase. Whether a relocation of your home is underway, […]

  • Condo Real Estate Investment Guidelines

    Buying a condo for renting purposes is a great way of ensuring you have an excellent investment option to add to your portfolio. This is an excellent possibility of having an alternative to low-savings rates with the relatively changing nature of the market. If you plan on investing in the field of condo properties, then […]

  • Benefits of Buying Real Estate Overseas

    Buying a piece of property in another country is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio, but there is more than that. Real estate investment doesn’t work the same way as stock investments, since you cannot simply buy a rental condo or beachfront and then expect the value to increase on its own. Such […]

Building on Barcelona’s heritage

  Why every construction project needs a skip hire broker you can rely on. Most families take a break in the Catalan capital of Barcelona
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Buying Real Estate Overseas

When you want to venture in moving house overseas, you will need quite the patience for all the planning to come. For one, unless you
Jul 14, 2015 | 0 comments | View Post

Moving Back to Your Investment Property

Sometimes people venture in investing. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it does not. What you need to know is when to call it quits before
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East London on the Rise

Shoreditch is on the cusp of a real change, just ask estate agent in Shoreditch, Peach Properties who know all about this up and coming
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Fewer EU Nationals Renting a UK Home Since Brexit Vote

  It’s been almost a year since the UK voted for Brexit and divorce negotiations have begun. While it’s not always easy to measure the impact of a vote on the property market, flat share specialists, Spare Room.com, have taken the time to analyse its own data and has some interesting insights. Top of that […]

Demand for housing continues to rise across the UK

  With over 30% of London homes currently being sold for considerably less than their original asking prices, it’s fair to say that 2017 hasn’t started particularly well for homeowners looking to sell. That said, for many years it’s been an unwritten rule that hardly anyone really expects to get their asking price- Marylebone estate […]

Britons Appetite for Spanish Homes Slows on Brexit

Britons are the most prolific foreign buyers of Spanish properties. However, since the vote for Brexit, there has been a lot of talk and worry about how it has and will continue to affect various aspects of the British economy, including the property market. “While the early signs have been that the broader UK economy […]

What’s hot in 2017- London’s top property spots

  Last year was full of surprises, many of them the kind some would like to try and forget. But there has been some good news for property owners in up and coming areas. Dalston in North East London was crowned the unlikely winner of the capital’s property hotspot game in 2016, with house prices […]

Moving and Investing with Overseas Properties

A lot people nowadays choose to invest in overseas properties for a number of pretty good reasons, but there is also the possibility of moving to your target country to experience a new lifestyle and not to have to have someone else deal with administrating your properties. No matter how much we really want to […]